Tasty Foods PLC

Company profile

Established in 1999, Tasty Foods PLCis the first and largest manufacturer of powdered beverages and snacks in eastern Africa.

Based in Ethiopia, we have a domestic market share of 97%, and our products also receive a great deal of praise from consumers in eastern Africa.

Fortified with Vitamin C, our juice brand, Jolly Jus, is available in four fresh flavours (Orange, Pineapple, Cola, and Mango).

Tastiest, our toasted maize snack (in Barbecue, Cheese, and Tomato flavours) is also widely popular and commands a large market share not only in Ethiopia but also in Djibouti.

Due to our overwhelming success, Ethiopia no longer imports powdered drinks.

Company mission, vision and values

Our vision is To build the largest Food Processing & Distribution Enterprise in East Africa that is recognized for delivering the highest standards in innovation, quality, service & social responsibility.


  • To support our customers across Ethiopia by providing superior products and services exceptional quality and value.
  • To create long-term shareholders value by meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations of quality as we deliver our products and services on time and budget.


  • Be Consistent and fair.
  • Act with integrity, honesty and respect.
  • Be responsive to internal and external customer need.
  • Strive for continuous improvement and excellence.
  • Provide a safe, challenging and rewarding work environment.