Life Sport GYM PLC

Company profile

Established in 2003, Life Sport GYM PLC’s is a sport and fitness company located in Gerji and Sunshine MeriLoqe residence Village,a central area in the heart of Addis Ababa.

Specially designed to be an all-inclusive health and body experience for our members,provides awide selection of cutting edge fitness equipment in aspacious and well-designed environment.

Our members take maximum advantage of their workouts by using our facilities to track their progress on their journey towards total health and fitness. certified trainers design personalized,goal-based programs for each client,integrating and carefully balancing cardio and resistance training routines to achieve total body conditioning.

Company mission, vision and values

Our Mission is to create an environment for different people to stay healthy,engaged productive and feel comfortable while having fun.It is also to “enhance people’s lives by improving their overall health and well being.

To effectively service our staff,members and guests,we have developed the following Life Sport Gym PLC Values.These values are the foundation of our company decision making process.

Improvement: We are committed to new and innovative ways to serve our members in order toenhance the valueof membership. We re-invest in our facilities, equipment and programs on a regular basis. Members and employees are surveyed on a regular basis for their input and suggestions.

Safety: We are committed to providing safe equipment, well-maintained and supervised facilities, and privacy through training and programming. Our equipment is well-maintained, and if not working correctly, is turned off, labeledand repaired promptly. All member and employee records are kept completely confidential. We don’t involve third-paty in handling customer data.

Frendliness: We are committed to creating a fun,friendly and motivating environment where members can make positive life style changes.Life Sport Gym PLC hosts regular member appreciation events,free guest days and unique social events.Our Clubs are welcoming,warm,and strive to keep the environment community-focused and inclusive.

Superior Service: We are committed to listening, understanding and responding to the interests and needs of our members.All employees receive thorough customer service training, and taught specific procedures for handling almost any issue.The General Manager and other members of Management are fully engaged at their Clubs, often handling member requests and issues first-hand.

Integrity: We will conduct our business with honesty and treat all staff, members and guests with respect.We strive everyday to do what we say we’re going to do,when we said we were going to do it.We strive to be an open,transparent organization in order to earn and return our members’ respect, trust and loyalty.Treat others as you would want to be treated, is the driving force in our employee, member and guest relations.

Philosophy: Our philosophy at LifeSport Gym PLC clubs is simple:The employees are the most valuable asset of our business. Hire the best people.Train them better than any other operator in the fitness business.Empower them to provide excellent service.And we will retain our members and grow our business.Our facilities and fees clearly reflect our upscale,service-oriented and member first approach.As a result,our members expect more from us than they would at any other facility