Bekele Abshiro PLC

Company profile

BAPLC was first established in 1959. We’ve grown significantly since then, and currently deal in the import and export of a wide range of products, including fitness and athletic equipment; raw materials for shoe-making; confectionary brands ,building materials, and sewing machine all from over twenty countries including the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan, UK, South Africa, and Taiwan.

As a distributor of Fitness and other equipment it is our goal not only to ensure that your Fitness and other equipment is functional but also to improve the longevity. In order to achieve this goal our technicians have made several visits to your company to clean, and inspect your equipment. This complimentary service is offered for the first year only. But as you know that we have been doing service visit more than one year, now we feel that it is an appropriate time to enter a service contract in order for us to continue making service visits.

Company mission, vision and values

We Value our honesty and reliability in doing business. We would like to maintain our established excellent reputation.

Our mission is to reate profitable, sustainable and professional, business environment with other local and international business entities.


Supplying Life Fitness Home and Commercial fitness equipment: home of the first stationary bicycle, brings exercisers a range of top-quality fitness equipment that allow for optimal health and fitness. Choose from our available series to highlight an aspect of cardiovascular or resistance training. We supply to the largest hotels in Addis Ababa, as well as the most popular recreation centers. BAPLC also supplies Life Fitness equipment to many private homes.

TKO accessories for fitness equipment, Kublersport equipment and PAVIGYM Functional Flooring etc